Breathwork session  

A combination of traditional breathing techniques and modern breathwork styles.  

Through breathwork you can release and let go of negative energies and achieve physical and emotional healing.  

A breathwork session can improve your breathing pattern, release stress, give you deep relaxation, improve your sleep, and increase your energy.  


Breathwork and meditative sound session  

A combination of breathwork and sound journey.  

In this session we combine traditional- and modern breathing techniques. You will be guided into a meditative state of mind with sounds from crystal singing bowls, chimes and drums. In combination with breathwork this session can move you to altered states of consciousness.  


Both sessions will be customized to your preferences and are suitable for both beginners and advanced breathing practitioners.  

Sessions can be held at your choice of location or some of our facilities.  


1-4 people:  

60 minutes session – 120 € 

90 min session – 150 €  

For larger groups please send inquiry for prices.  


Holistic health coaching  

Do you wish to find tools for a balanced lifestyle and to create long-term wellbeing? Do you need help finding a healthy lifestyle with food, exercise, stress and sleep? Through conversations and exercises we will set up a personal program where you are guided step by step to create long-term and sustainable changes in your life.  

60 min session – 100 € 


Private yoga class Mallorca