Palma, HEAT (Old town)

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We are located in the cosy yoga studio HEAT Palma in the old town of Palma.

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09.45 Pilates, Josefine

18.00 Vinyasa Flow, Summer


09.45 Yin yoga, Mari


17.00 Breathwork, Pia


19.30 Kundalini, Gabrielle


09.45 Vinyasa flow,  Pia


10.15 Kantonah, Isabelle


1 Yoga class 20 euro

1 Breathwork session 25 euro

Private class 100 euro (1-4 people)

For larger groups please send us an email

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1 yoga class 20 euros
1 breathwork session 25 euros
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Vinyasa Flow

To the rhythm of the breath, traditional yoga poses are combined in a creative and flowing way.

The class is designed with energetic and powerful sequences that connects movements with breath.

Synchronizing the breath with movements is an energetic way to transform the body and mind.

The vinyasa sequences are designed uniquely for each class, considering the season, time of the month and the students in the class.

Vinyasa flow is a moving meditation practice that will build strength, balance and mobility while reducing stress and calm the mind.

All levels are welcome

75 min

Breathwork session

Breathwork is a method that yields obvious effects fast and simply. Your breath is the tool and you will learn to breathe consciously through different breathwork styles. A breathwork session can improve your everyday breathing pattern, release stress, give you deep relaxation, improve your sleep, increase your energy, release and let go of negative energies, achieve physical and emotional healing and reach altered states of consciousness. Your breath establishes the link between your unconscious and conscious mind.

Each session is uniquely designed and styles such as energetic breathwork, breathwork for relief and relaxation, mystical breathwork, tantric breathwork, breathwork for trauma release, breathwork to access transpersonal and holotropic states are used. The sessions always include meditation and relaxation.

Suits both new and experienced breathers – All levels are welcome

75 min


Discover a highly personal approach to Kundalini yoga. Inspired by Yin yoga, each session guides guests on an immersive, reflective journey toward connection with the inner self. Breath, movement and calming sound come together in a powerfully regenerative practice.

All levels are welcome.

90 min

Kantonah Yoga Flow

Expect a dynamic class open to all levels of practitioners that is rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga. The yoga poses are understood as universal archetypes and patterns. This practice uses metaphors, Dao and numerology to open up a multi-layered dialogue that stimulates your mind and speaks to your soul. Isabelles classes are enriched with music, humor and sensitivity for her students. She further infuses her classes with her knowledge as a holistic Ayurvedic health consultant. Katonah Yoga ® was founded by Levine Michaan in Katonah, New York.

All levels are welcome.

75 min

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is powerful sleep-based meditation technique where we experience the deepest level of conscious relaxation beyond the mind and enter a theta and delta brainwave state, deeper than sleep.Yoga Nidra restores the hormone balance, decrease the cortisol level in the system and supports to have a deep and restful sleep.During this practice you can experience a state of being, where your body is completely at ease, yet your mind is alert and aware.

All levels are welcome.

75 min

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on letting go, living in the "now" and accepting all sensations experienced in the moment. With its special effect on connective tissue, fascia and working with the meridians (energy pathways) in your body, you will experience Yin Yoga not only as a form of relaxation, but also as a natural rejuvenator that increases flexibility, reduces stress and promotes the hydration of your cells. Meditations, breathing exercises and other little surprises built into the class perfectly complement this style of yoga, so you'll get the most out of 60 minutes.

All levels are welcome.

75 min

Mat Pilates

Revealing tension and increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate, Pilates add functional variety into a workout routine. This class promotes mindfulness and body awareness, by emphasizing in breath work and building functional strength. Other benefits of Pilates include improving posture, decreasing back pain, while increasing energy and enhancing flexibility.

All levels are welcome.

75 min