LIFE COACH - Jenni Glad

Jenni Glad is an experienced Life Coach, Business Advisor, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of yoga practice and international expat who has been living in five countries. After 12 years in IT and business, Jenni found her passion in coaching expats, entrepreneurs, and leaders for the past decade.

In addition to coaching and hypnosis, Jenni uses a holistic approach, also NLP, Positive Psychology, Energy healing, Breathwork, and Mindfulness tools. Her work offers a comprehensive approach to create new routines, structure, and lifestyle.

You can book an initial 2-hour Hypnotherapy or a Clarity Work-Life Strategy coaching session with Jenni in Palma or online.

The coaching session provides you a zoom lens into your life, clarity on what might be standing in your way of next level success, wellbeing and happiness, and the plan on how you can move on.

With hypnotherapy she helps clients with various issues like trauma related to fears, phobias, self-destructive habits (eating, drinking, smoking), weight, confidence, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression.

Jenni offers sessions in English. You can book your initial session or a 15-minute complimentary consultation call with Jenni below.

One of her clients shared:

“I've never felt as safe and seen with any therapist or coach as I have with her. Until I started working with her I didn’t realise I wasn’t processing my feelings properly, and this provided me with a huge shift, I learned so much about myself. Jenni She creates a safe space, shares her wide knowledge, and gently guides her clients to transform and heal what they need to let go of me. Through working with her, I gained confidence and tools to maintain wor-life balance.”

The session fee for the both are 250€.

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