Fornalutx, C’an Verdera Hotel

We are located in cozy C’an Verdera Hotel in Fornalutx.

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The classes are taught in english

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10:00 Mindful Flow with Lisa 75min


10:00 Mindful Flow with Lisa 75min


1 class 15 euros

Private classes on request

Class description

My classes are mindful flow classes.

In my classes, we bring the focus to our presence and breath rather than how far we can push ourselves into each pose. We will flow, but we move a little slower than a normal vinyasa class. Don’t be fooled by slowness - moving slower and more consciously can actually be much harder than doing 100 vinyasas quickly. So my classes can still be challenging at points, but I love to balance the strength of the class with a sense of softness too.

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Yoga in Fornalutx, Mallorca

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