Palma Dance Therapy (Studio class)

We are located in the heart of Palma old town at Sadhana works.

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The classes are taught in english/español

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09:00-10:15 AbunDANCE Light Flow with Martina


1 class 18 euro

Class description

Experience a unique fusion of dance and energy work with AbunDANCE, a practice created by Martina after years of blending Professional Dancing and Spirituality. This transformative practice combines various techniques like Tapping/ EFT, breath work, Chakra Dance, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Floor Work, Energy Yoga, Emotional Release, Quantum Meditation, to help you expand your dance skills and consciousness of the energy body simultaneously.

AbunDANCE guides you to ground and realign yourself, unlocking limiting beliefs and fostering self-love, self-worth, and trust in your relationships with others. Through guided sessions set to specially curated playlists, you will embark on a magical inner journey to discover your authenticity and enhance your awareness of your energy body.

Each week, you'll get to explore one of these exciting dance topics:

- Chakra’s Rainbow Flow

- Elements & Mudra Movements

- Earht Body Language

- Inner- Child Activation

- Quantum Dance Flow

(AbunDANCE is aimed for Dancers at all levels, from Professionals all the way to the absolute beginner)

Dance Palma de Mallorca

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