Nutrition & Health - Online coach

Do you want to make a change in your weight or just feel that you want to have more energy in your everyday life?

Do you at the same time want to be able to eat food at restaurants and do easy food at home where all kinds of food is included?

Let me help you with that and give you the knowledge you need to understand what food does for you and how different kinds of food will give you different advantages so you can give yourself a lifestyle that suits you and make you feel good.


Package deal

- A user  to an app to see recipes and have a direct chat with me (updated recipes according to your preferences)

- Weekly follow-ups (I want to see how you feel and how things are going or  if changes need to be made)

- Information about different eatables and how you can switch for example pasta to bread or chicken to fish  (a tool that give you knowledge how to think when eating at a restaurant or being invited to dinner)

- Continuous online coaching on how to build a lifestyle according to the goal you have (weight loss/weight gain/energy balance), we are not looking for a short-term diet.


This always starts with a free and unconditional meeting where we can agree on how your package will look like.


Price: 250 EUR (Applies to a period of four weeks)


I do my coaching in both swedish and english.

All the best


Nutrition & Health - Online coach, Mallorca