S'Arracó Breathwork workshop

We are located at The Yoga Garden in S'Arracó.

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The workshop are taught in english

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23 June 10:00-16:00

21 July 10:00-16:00

25 July 10:00-16:00 (Thursday)

25 August 10:00-16:00

13 October 10:00-16:00


1 workshop 50 euros

Workshop description

This is my invitation for you to press the reset buttonon your nervous system this season.

So if you feel kind of:

blocked, with less capacity than you used to have

overwhelmed or “frozen” on a deeper level within

riding on a constant stress level - with the longing to relax and find back into ease a constant grip of being triggered

disconnected from your heart or an “inner part”

… then this offering is for you

The I invite you to come over to S’Arraco - to the Garden of Gaia - and to take a day just for yourself (in a likeminded group) and to use the power of your breath to press the reset button of your nervous system and release what is blocking you.

I have designed the UPLIFT transformative breath-workshop events to be a day of self-liberation and self-healing in a safe and respectful setting.

In the 5hrs of duration we will take enough time to prepare the journey well, and to integrate it properly.

And we will share some delicious food from @breensdeli and cool down & chill out together in the pool.

The whole UPLIFT journey experience is available for a 50 euros.

I am looking forward to create a wave of liberation, ease and joy together with you

Sending love

Con mucho amor


Yoga in S'Arracó, Mallorca

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